AKI is a leading quality supplier of Precision CNC Machining, Tool & Die, Welding, and Fabrication products. We have a long reach across many industries, large and small.


31,000 sq ft facility located in Leechburg, PA


We deal with numerous companies in the energy, nuclear, and power generation industries. Overall, the energy sector represents just over 20% of our business.


We have worked as a subcontractor for a number of regional defense contracts, providing solutions to complex problems. Our flexible and highly skilled workforce is able to handle the extreme requirements of these projects and provide our customers with a quality product.


We make a wide variety of parts and components from small precision pieces to large welded and machined fabrications.  Our customers rely on our wide range of knowledge in many areas to help create special products to suit their needs.  This is the largest segment of our business at 33%, with over 80 different customers.


We are the sole source for several specialty items for locomotive engines, which require unique welding and fabrication techniques that only we can provide.  We have unique knowledge of these products and have been producing them for over 10 years.  We have made our production processes lean and flexible to handle the fluctuations in demand, while maintaining stellar quality.  


We make a wide variety of tooling components for progressive stamping dies including die sets, carbide tooling, strippers and punches.  We can supply replacement parts or a complete die assembly if needed.  Our journeymen machinists learned their trade on these types of components during their careers and have many years of experience providing tooling for our customers.