Here's just a small sampling of the ways we have proudly supported various industries.

We work with a wide variety of materials from carbide to aluminum and plastics to titanium, as well as exotic metals such as copper, nickel, and various forms of stainless.

We’ve built large weldments such as metal shipping containers that were 24’ long, 12’ high, and 14’ wide with swinging doors and lighting.  

We also make a wide variety of high precision parts and components.

We have a supply chain of approximately 15-20 smaller shops that help us with our overflow.  

custom built polishing machine

Custom built tensile specimen polishing machine with variable speed motor. This unit comes with an electronic cycle timer, adjustable chuck positioning and stroke length. This machine is very easily adaptable to several different specimen sizes with ease. 

Tube Sheet for the Boiler industry

Along with tube sheets we also produce flanges, headers, and many other common parts servicing the boiler industry.

Die shoe for the Tool & Die Industry

Die shoes are one of many common tool and die components we manufacture.

Base Frame Weldment for the Vacuum Industry

With our expansive welding area that accommodates a 10 ton overhead crane, we are able to handle large fabrication projects.

Vehicle Shock Mount for the Defense Industry

We hold several seats of Master Cam to help produce parts requiring extensive 3D milling like the ones shown below.