We have made our production processes lean and flexible to handle the fluctuations in demand while maintaining stellar quality.

We recently built an addition and now have 31,000 square feet of manufacturing space. 

Currently machining makes up approximately 75% of our business and fabrication the other 25%.

We have a 10-Ton crane that runs the entire length of the shop.

We work in a wide variety of industries from metals to glass and nuclear to defense, as well as, power generation to automotive; mostly as a sub to first tier suppliers.  

Precision CNC Machining

Our versatile machine shop is capable of being your one stop machining solution.  We can supply individual highly custom made parts and assemblies of many shapes and sizes.  We have expertise in all types of machining equipment including horizontal and vertical mills and lathes, both CNC and manually controlled.  Our journeyman machinists are highly skilled with a variety of materials having an average of 26 years of experience, many of whom are tool and die makers and typically work with tolerances of +/- 0.0005”.


Fabrication & Welding

We provide a multitude of welding capabilities and processes for your fabrication needs.  Our welders are certified yearly to AWS D 1.1 and they are proficient at processes included GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, and GTAW.  We are also capable of developing custom welding procedures and specifications to fit our customers’ needs.  Non-destructive testing such as Visual and Hydrostatic testing are performed in house, with other tests such as Mag Particle, Ultrasonic, Radiographic, Liquid Penetrant testing performed by qualified third parties. 



As we have grown, we have made the growth of our quality program the number one priority.  Our goal is to provide on-time delivery of a quality product at a fair value.  AKI's Quality Management System is capable of controlling the incoming and outgoing material, inspection and production operations, as well as our suppliers and their processes.  This allows us to provide accurate job estimates, with first time quality and on time performance, as we strive for the highest possible customer satisfaction.


Preview our Quality Control Manual here.


Alle-Kiski Industries is located in the Pittsburgh, PA metropolitan area in a modern, newly renovated building suited to meet our customers’ needs.  We recently expanded and now have 31,000 square feet of total manufacturing space.  Our facility houses a complete machine shop with welding, fabrication, and assembly capabilities. Alle-Kiski Industries can manage a wide variety of projects and provide a broad scope of services such as fabrication, welding, heat treating, assembly, quality assurance, sandblasting and painting, as well as manage the outsourcing of any aspects that fall outside the scope of our services.  We have a very capable supply chain of local shops who assist us on many of our projects.